Ultrafine Merino


The description "ultrafine Merino" refers to the fine fibres produced by a very small percentage of Merino sheep globally. Fineness translates to comfort. Gostwyck Ultrafine Merino is finer than most cashmere and much softer and more practical.


Gostwyck Farm has been increasing the amount of its fine fibre production for the past 20 years. By testing all of its sheep, every year, Gostwyck Farm identifies the best and finest sheep and focuses on producing the best and finest wool from them. Over the course of some 12 years, Gostwyck took the average wool fibre fineness of its flock from 18.3 micron to 16.1 micron for adult sheep and 14.3 micron for lambs wool.


The average fibre diameter in ultrafine Merino used by henry and grace is 15.5 micron. Every fleece is tested immediately after the sheep is shorn using a LaserScan system. This provides the wool classer with an accurate fibre diameter measurement. The wool classer will then judge each fleece, and the fleeces that make the grade are used in the henry and grace garments.


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