One of henry and grace’s defining goals is to give people the ability to wear one of the world’s finest fibres, ultrafine Merino wool, right against their skin.

We have achieved this through years of careful sheep breeding, and the application of new technologies to select only fleeces that will meet this goal.

Along with the exquisite sensation of being clothed in natural softness, you and your baby get the inherent properties of Merino fibre – temperature regulation, moisture management, odour reduction, flame resistance. All this adds up to more comfortable days, more sleep at nights, and greater contentment for your family.


Ultrafine Merino wool

When people think of wool, they often think of itch. Gostwyck Ultrafine Merino is scientifically proven not to itch – not only that, but it imparts an unparalleled sense of comfort and luxury when worn against the skin. That is because very fine Merino fibre does not have the harshness that produces the itchy sensation of coarser wools.

We scientifically test every sheep that contributes wool to the henry and grace clothing range. Every fleece we use must pass the Wool ComfortMeter test.


The Wool ComfortMeter

Australian scientists spent five years testing how comfortable people felt when wearing different grades of wool next to their skin. They proved that people consistently felt comfortable wearing ultrafine Merino. That led to the development of the Wool ComfortMeter, which assesses fleeces for harshness and prickle.

Only fleeces that pass the Wool ComfortMeter test go into the Gostwyck Ultrafine Merino line, and thus into the henry and grace garments.



Merino wool and health

One of the reasons henry and grace is dedicated to ensuring its clothing can be worn against the skin is because of the health benefits inherent in Merino fibre.

Studies by the University of Sydney have shown that subjects clothed in Merino wool slept better. Earlier studies showed that babies that slept on wool underlays had fewer episodes of waking and crying due to increased comfort levels.

A recent study with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Melbourne showed significant improvement in infants with skin dermatitis when wearing fine Merino wool, next-to-skin garments.

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