Our History

Our story begins in 1834, when Henry and Grace Dangar bought “Gostwyck Farm”, in the beautiful high country of northern New South Wales, Australia. Henry was a pioneer in Merino sheep breeding; one of the people that would make Australia the world’s biggest producer of wool. In 1854, in his quest for the best sheep, he travelled to Germany and sailed back with 28 Saxon rams.


Building upon this quest for excellence we have strived always to improve our wool, better maintain and safeguard the health of our sheep and protect the environment in which we live.  working-on-gostwyck.jpgFor over 180 years we have worked tirelessly to create the ultrafine merino wool that goes into henry and grace garments

The result of these efforts is a fibre of exceptional softness that bears all the natural benefits of merino.

Our merino is non-allergenic, great next to skin, especially for sufferers of eczema and other skin conditions. Merino is unmatched in its ability to regulate body temperature and manage moisture to reduce discomfort.

In 2015 we began developing henry and grace, a brand for mothers and babies, to take the properties of merino and make it accessible to those who need it most. For babies whose skin is just being exposed to the world for the first time, for babies who need help managing their temperature because they can’t change clothes themselves, for parents who need peace of mind knowing their baby is well cared for.

We will never stop looking to do better

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