Animal Welfare


Minimising stress and eliminating all pain to the sheep is a primary principle at Gostwyck. That’s why all sheep that grow the ultrafine Merino for henry and grace are well cared for, in great shape and proudly mules-free.
Henry and grace is also proud that our suppliers are Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) Certified. rws.pngThe RWS is an independent, voluntary certification which ensures that sheep are well treated with respect to their Five Freedoms and also ensures best practices in the management and protection of the land.

The Five Freedoms for animal welfare include; Freedom from Hunger and Thirst, Freedom from Discomfort, Freedom from Pain or Injury or Disease, Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour, Freedom from Fear and Distress

Careful Grazing and reticulated water systems ensure that all sheep are well fed wherever in the open paddocks they wander. Meanwhile careful monitoring ensures that sickness and parasites are kept at bay.

Gostwyck was RWS certified in 2017

By keeping our sheep happy and healthy it lets them do what they do best, frolic and enjoy themselves in their own sheepish way. As we discovered long ago the happiest sheep grow the best wool and sheep at Gostwyck are as happy as can be.


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