Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Spring

Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Spring

14th Oct 2019

The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the sun is shining. Springtime in Australia is in full swing! With the arrival of the new season comes beautiful sunny days, blue skies and precious outdoor family time.

BUT, the transition from Winter to Spring can be an awkward time when dressing your newborn baby. The mornings can be chilly and the afternoons can be warm and sunny. The last thing you want is for your little one to be uncomfortable. Fluctuating temperatures can make it difficult to choose an outfit for your baby, so we’ve composed a list of helpful tips for parents on how to dress your baby in Spring!

Dressing Your Baby In Spring: A Guide For New Parents

1. Layer On Layers

Layering is a great way to keep warm in the morning and peel layers off as it gets warmer. In the same way you would add layers to your own outfit, the same can be done for your baby. When deciding on Spring baby clothes, both style and functionality are important considerations, especially when temperatures are fluctuating.

Bodysuits are an essential Spring clothing item for any baby. Luckily, the Henry and Grace Merino Wool Bodysuits provide a soft and cosy under layer that can easily be removed during those warm Spring afternoons. Merino wool breathes naturally to keep your baby comfortable in all conditions. It helps to regulate their body temperature, keeping them warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. For those chilly mornings, layer on cotton pants. a long sleeve shirt or a Merino wool hoodie to keep your little one warm and snug. 

2. Add Some Colour

Forget the Winter shades of black, white and grey. Spring is the time to bust out some serious colour! Bright shades of red, green and yellow are not only stunningly eye-catching, they look fantastic on babies.

3. Plan For Wet Weather

As we all know, the weather at this time of year can be so unpredictable. Before you know it a warm, sunny afternoon can turn into a wet and rainy night. Spring rain and wind can really dampen your baby’s mood (and your own) if you’re not properly prepared. Consider buying a windbreaker or raincoat for those unexpected showers. Simply layer it on your baby’s clothing to prevent them from getting cold and wet.

4. A Sling For Spring

Spring is a time to get outdoors and embrace the sunshine and fresh air. A sling is the perfect way to keep your baby close while you absorb some much needed Vitamin D. It provides you with a hands free alternative, making travelling into the city on public transport a breeze. A sling can give you a fabulous sense of freedom while keeping your baby snug and secure.

5. Denim Rocks

What's cuter than a baby in a stylish denim jacket or overalls? We’re not entirely sure.

What we do know is that denim is another popular option for Spring baby clothes. Consider dressing your little one in a denim jacket, jeans or overalls for an adorable look. Not only are they extremely fashionable and stylish, denim will keep them toasty warm and protect them from the cold.

6. Cap It Off

‘Tis the season for cute cotton beanies! Protect your baby’s head from the cold with these stylish head warmers from Henry and Grace. Maintaining your little ones body temperature is key to their comfort and wellbeing. Opting for a soft natural fibre such as Merino will keep them warm in the morning whilst helping to prevent overheating in the afternoon. Carefully crafted from our 15 micron Gostwyck Ultrafine Merino, our beanies are sumptuously soft and stretchy for a snug and comfortable fit.  

7. Leg Warmers

A pair of comfortable leg warmers will keep your little one snug when temperatures decide to take a dip. Paired with a cute bodysuit, leg warmers can add a touch of colour to your baby’s outfit. Alternatively, they can be used to add another layer under long pants. If your baby gets too hot, leg warmers can easily be removed and washed.

8. Keep It Simple

With Spring comes unpredictable weather. You might find yourself adding layers to your baby in the morning, stripping them off again in the afternoon and then putting them on again at night. The last thing you want to be doing is messing around with tricky buttons and complicated zippers when you’re crammed into the baby changing room at the local shopping centre. Opt for Spring baby clothes that can easily be added or removed to ensure your baby remains comfortable at all times. Basic onesies or two pieces make suitable Spring clothing options and can be dressed up for added warmth.

9. Don’t Forget The Toes

Tiny toes need to be kept warm and protected too. Slipper socks are the perfect solution and can be layered over your baby’s socks for additional warmth during Spring. Designed to remain on feet, slipper socks make it difficult for even the most persistent baby who manages to always kick their socks off.

10. Blankets and Wraps

A clever way to keep your baby comfortable in Spring is to use our light and stretchy, ultrafine Merino blankets. With a range of beautiful designs to choose from, our blankets offer extreme softness and unique thermal properties to help your baby sleep without getting too hot or too cold. Simply wrap your little one up for trips out with the pram or to add extra comfort to their sleeping area. 

The Henry and Grace ultrafine Merino range has been exclusively crafted and lovingly perfected over generations at our family farm. Our sumptuously soft and snuggly t-shirts, bodysuits, leggings, hoodies, beanies, blankets and wraps are perfect for dressing your little one all year round. Browse our incredible range of Spring baby clothes and experience the Henry and Grace difference today!

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