Some Great Tips For Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

Some Great Tips For Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

13th Nov 2019

Attention all parents buried in dirty laundry and wandering how to wash their baby’s clothes! Juggling the responsibilities of parenthood may seem like an uphill battle, but tackling the dirty laundry doesn't have to be. These useful tips and tricks on preparing, washing and drying your baby’s clothes are almost as helpful as a good night's rest! Less time washing means more time cuddling your little one, so here are our 6 tips for washing baby clothes to make laundry time that little bit easier.

Tips For Washing Baby Clothes

1. Choose A Good Detergent

Before you get to the washing part of your laundering, choosing the right detergent is essential. With so many options available on the market, finding the best detergent for your household can be tricky. Some detergents contain nasty chemicals that can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Opt for a fragrance-free detergent and avoid products with added bleach, fabric softeners or perfumes.

We recommend using a specialist baby detergent, but if you’re looking for a way to save a dollar or two, a mild soap detergent for delicate clothing should do the trick. You could even make your own by searching for homemade recipes online!   

2. Don't Be Afraid Of Your Machine

For busy parents constantly on the go, finding the time to hand-wash your baby’s clothes can be difficult. A washing machine is a fantastic way to save time. Besides, who enjoys spending hours doing laundry on the weekend?

The fabric and weave used to make your baby’s clothing is much looser and more delicate than ordinary clothes to prevent your little one from overheating. This means that they require different care to ensure they’re looked after. Choosing a gentle spin cycle can help protect your baby’s clothes, reducing the risk of snagging. Luckily, our adorable, ultrafine Merino baby clothes are machine washable and retain their shape and softness even after years of wear and repeated washing!

Bonus Tip

Your baby’s teeny tiny socks can be super easy to lose, especially in a full load. To avoid the stress of missing socks, put them in a mesh bag before throwing them into the washing machine. You’ll thank me later!   

3. Pre-Wash & Follow Care-Label Instructions

Before you wriggle your little bundle of joy into those adorable little t-shirts and bodysuits, run them through the wash to remove residues and other irritants. Because your baby’s skin is still developing, it is more vulnerable to chemicals and external aggressors. Washing your baby’s clothes will help to protect their sensitive skin from irritation and reduce the risk of them developing nasty skin conditions.

Make sure to read the garments care label when washing baby clothes for the first time. Never use bleach on flame-resistant sleepwear as it reduces the effectiveness of the treatment chemicals and could ruin the treated fabric.

4. Wash Your Baby’s Clothes In Small Loads

Another way to protect your baby’s clothes is by not overloading the washing machine. Many mums are certainly guilty of doing this, especially when there is a mountain of dirty laundry to get through! We recommend splitting your laundry into smaller loads rather than doing one large one. If your machine is overloaded, there is little room for the clothes to move around, meaning they could become tangled, damaged and remain dirty!

5. Treat Stains As Soon As Possible

Any mother can tell you, stains will happen. Whether it’s from food spills, breast milk, urine or poop, removing stubborn stains can be a hassle. The sooner you work on a stain, the easier it will be to remove. As a first step, treat stains with a natural stain remover. There are many plant-based cleansers available on the market that are gentle on sensitive skin, and lift stains ranging from sweat and urine, to baby oil, berries and tomato sauce! Once you’ve applied the stain remover, wash the garment with a fragrance-free washing detergent for best results.

Our adorable range of t-shirts, bodysuits, leggings and hoodies for babies are made of 100% ultrafine Merino wool. Each fibre has a natural protective outer layer which helps to prevent stains from being absorbed. Super soft and easy to wash, Merino wool baby clothes are perfect for the messy little eater in your family.  

6. Line Dry Your Baby’s Laundry In The Sun

When it comes to drying your baby’s clothes, sunlight is perhaps your best option. If you’re worried about bacteria building up on damp clothes, sunlight is a natural disinfectant and kills germs while drying your clothes at the same time! It is also a natural way to lighten your clothes and give them a whitening boost without having to use bleach. If you’re looking for quick drying baby clothes, our ultrafine Merino range is for you! Renowned for their fantastic softness, shine and breathability, our baby clothes, blankets and wraps are quick to dry and contain fine, elastic fibres that give the garments a natural resistance to wrinkles.

At Henry and Grace, we understand that busy parents don’t have the time to deal with complicated washing and care instructions for their baby’s garments. That is why our adorable range of baby clothes are made from 100% ultrafine Merino wool. Lovingly perfected over generations at our family farm, our incredibly soft baby clothes are machine washable, and contain stain and wrinkle resistant properties! With so many added benefits, what isn’t to love about ultrafine Merino wool. Explore our range of baby clothes and experience the Henry and Grace difference today! 

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