Dressing Your Baby In The Heat

Dressing Your Baby In The Heat

7th Jan 2020

Dressing your baby appropriately for any weather is important. If your baby is too cold or overheats, it could be dangerous. When it's hot, your baby could easily get too warm and can be in danger of sunburn too. Knowing how to dress your baby properly for the heat will help you to protect him or her. You can receive lots of conflicting advice and it can get confusing, especially for first-time parents. However, with just a few tips you can make it easier to dress your baby in the heat. These useful tips will help you choose the best baby clothes in hot weather to keep your little one comfortable during the warm summer months.

Knowing Your Baby's Temperature

Your baby's temperature should be between 36-37 degrees Celsius. If it's around 37 or 37.5 degrees, it's probably not because your baby has a fever. Instead, it's often because your baby has too many layers and is a bit too warm. It's a good idea to know what your baby's temperature normally is so that you know if it's on the higher side. It's a little harder for babies to regulate their own temperature because they only sweat a limited amount.

How Many Layers?

You might hear people say that when it's cold, your baby should wear one more layer than you. But what about when it's hot? One of the best things to do is think about how comfortable you feel. If you're fine wearing shorts and a T-shirt, your baby will probably feel comfortable in similar clothing. If you feel like hanging around at home in just your underwear, your baby is likely to be fine wearing just a nappy. If you start to get cool later on, you can add layers for both you and your baby.

You're unlikely to need extra items like socks when it's hot. They can prevent your baby from sweating, making it even more difficult for them to cool down. Another thing to consider is the materials that you choose. Soft, breathable cotton clothes are ideal, and you'll often find that they're more comfortable for you too. Merino baby clothes in the heat can also be a good choice to regulate body temperature. Synthetic materials can be less breathable and can sometimes be scratchy and uncomfortable.

Another good idea is to choose loose items of clothing. They will allow your baby's skin to breathe, and your baby will be able to move easily too. Your baby could develop a rash from the heat if their skin doesn't have enough room to breathe.

Bedtime and Wrapping Your Baby

If you usually wrap your baby for sleep, you can still do this during the summer. The best thing to do is to have your baby in just a nappy. You can then use a lightweight muslin or merino wrap to wrap them while they sleep. Leave their arms and hands out of the wrap so that they don't overheat. When sleeping, your baby should be in either just a nappy or a nappy and vest if sleeping without a wrap when the temperature is above 27 degrees.

Babies Always Need Socks: True or False?

You might have been told by your grandmother, mother, family friend or anyone else that babies should always wear socks. However, socks are not necessary for your baby all the time. During the summer, they likely don't need to wear them. It's perfectly acceptable for their feet to be exposed, and in fact, it can help them stay cool.

Sun Protection

Protecting your baby from the sun is also important during the summer. The best way to do this is to keep your baby in the shade. If you're sitting outside, or even inside, try to keep out of the sun and in the shade as much as possible. When on the move, create shade with a parasol or sun shade on your pushchair, pram or buggy. A sun hat is also a great idea to protect your baby’s head and face. Covering with light and breathable clothes will also protect them from the sun. Don't forget their sunscreen too so that any exposed skin is protected.

If using sunscreen, apply it about ten minutes before leaving home. It's also not recommended to use sunscreen for babies under 6 months old. After this age, use it liberally to ensure full protection. Avoid covering your pram with a blanket. It might seem like it will provide shade, but it could just make the pram much hotter.

Is Your Baby Too Hot?

Being able to tell when your baby is too hot is essential. If you can spot the signs that they're too hot, you can cool them down as soon as possible. If your baby is too warm, he or she might have a flushed face and skin that's unusually warm to touch. Rapid breathing is another sign that a baby might be too warm. Your baby can also be irritable and fussy. If your baby is too warm, remove some layers or move to a cooler area to help them cool down.

By using your common sense and instinct, you can choose the best baby clothes in hot weather to keep your little one comfortable. Our ultrafine merino range contains natural performance features that regulate body temperature to keep your baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Shop our gorgeous range of baby clothes, blankets and wraps today at Henry and Grace!

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